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The finance function is changing at a blistering pace, making one fundamental business concern more critical than ever: Your employees.

You need dedicated, commercially minded employees who leverage the technology of tomorrow to solve today's complex issues. Finance employees create and optimise value, leading their teams, projects and organisations through our environment of constant disruption.

You need CIMA ® members and CGMA® designation holders.There is a new route to the globally recognised CGMA Professional Qualification — the CGMA Finance Leadership Program.

Practical considerations.
Unparalleled results.

The CGMA designation is one of the most universally respected business qualifications. Ninety-one of the Fortune 100 and 95 of the world’s top 100 brands choose CGMA designation holders. Until now, candidates may have needed to work with an on-site learning provider to earn it.

Our new CGMA Finance Leadership Program is a guided learning and assessment route to the CGMA professional qualification. It's digital-first and self-paced, giving the power to the learner and their employer. This enables your enrolled team members to balance their professional responsibilities and coursework without sacrificing the quality of either. The flexibility to learn on their terms helps learners maintain momentum and minimises time away-from-work duties.

Better employees build
better businesses.

Every organisation needs to invest in its future, and that means investing in your staff. When you empower your employees to pursue the CGMA designation, you create the next generation of strategic partners and business leaders. The decision-based financial and operational insights they acquire in the programme enable them to excel in their roles and evolve into new ones, identifying complex issues and providing innovative solutions.

This ultimately builds resilience and manages the performance of your organisation.

Plug and play

This digital solution can be instantly deployed with little to no overhead required from you as the employer. We provide additional learner support by holding check-in meetings to review participant progress and facilitate sharing of experiences.

We hold finance
professionals to a higher
standard. So should you.

CIMA has set the standard for financial, professional and ethical education for more than 100 years. Our experience and expertise have led to the development of a practice-based curriculum. Learners are assessed using real-world business simulations.

As your employees develop competencies in business, leadership, technology, people and digital skills, you can monitor their progress with our intuitive Employer Dashboard. This insight enables you to more rapidly match your employee’s new skills to your emerging business challenges, providing a faster return on your investment.

How it works

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program is divided into three levels, each building on the previous one. Our system recognises that your employees already have knowledge and skills, allowing them to skip levels based on their education and other professional licenses or affiliations. They focus on mastering new material instead of repeating what they already know.

Learners can also test out of portions of each section, further reducing their time commitment and maximising their education. To complete the programme, they will earn a Skill Certificate in each of nine subject areas:

1. Operational Level 2. Management Level 3. Strategic Level
Learners build their core knowledge of finance, accounting and reporting:
  • Digital finance
  • Budget and cost
  • analysis
  • Financial reporting
Building off the first level, learners expand their expertise:
  • Team performance management
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Financial statement analysis
Finally, learners learn to master the highest-level concepts:
  • Strategic management
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Corporate finance strategy

FLP Subscription models available

There are two subscription models available depending on the preferred level of interactivity and support. Allowing you to decide on the best choice for your organisation and employees success. More details about the models are included in the table below.


Time and cost

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program is offered in one-, two- or three-year subscriptions. The time each learner will take to complete the programme depends on their existing education, study habits and job experience; many complete the programme in as few as 12–24 months.

Subscription model 1 year 2 years 3 years
Skills Plus £2,400 £4,080 £6,120
Skills Premium £3,600 £6,120 £9,180
All prices are inclusive of UK VAT

We also offer scholarships, group discounts and special pricing opportunities.

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